gabion fence alternativeOur gabion baskets are a galfan coated product. We prefer galfan coating because it has a longer service life and a higher resistance to corrosion than traditional zinc galvanized coating.   Perfect for any environmental conditions.

Our standard range gabion consists of welded wire mesh with a 50mm aperture (square opening hole size) with a 3mm wire diameter. The 3mm wire diameter will achieve a uniform architectural look for smaller sized gabions.

For larger gabions from 1000x1000x2000, we recommend a thicker wire diameter as there is less 'give' and 'bend' than in the smaller wire diameter mesh, although the smaller wire diameter can still provide a uniform architectural look with appropriate bracing.

Our gabions are supplied in kit form. The kit includes the basket and the helical spiral wire fasteners. All baskets come flat packed, ready to be assembled and filled with your choice of material.